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The family is ElPozo's natural territory. At home, all families ocasionally face some difficulties and problems.

But there is one place in every Spanish home where all problems are put aside: the dining table, which then is to become The Most Tender Place in the World.

As follow-up to this campaign, ElPozo seeked to contribute with real actions.

So, a CSR campaign to help families with congenital heart defects (CHDs)
was born alongside non-profit organization Menudos Corazones. 

We brought this table to life with the voice of our ambassador, Belén Rueda, and the illustrations
of the renowned illustrator, Anibal Hernandez, to create a video that tells the story of Luca, a child
born with a CHD who now has a future thanks to the priceless work of Menudos Corazones.

Felipe Ramos | Creative Director